Top 10 Most Extreme Places for Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel

Most Rain:
If there is ever more rain in the world. So it is the Meghalaya’s mosque, it rains almost every month. Residents of the Masinaram are not left out without a raincoat or umbrella. Well, the habit of these people has fallen. If you also want to enjoy the rain, then go out to Meghalaya.

Most Rain

Worst Winter:
There is a lot of cold in Russia but there is an area here that is considered to be the coldest zone in the world. The temperature here is at minus 67 degrees below the OMACON. Surviving here is considered quite difficult.

Worst Winter

The Most Remote Area:
In 1506 a Portuguese sailor discovered the most distant one Island Island TRISTAN DA CUNHA. This island comes in the British Overseas area. It is about 2,430 km from South Africa and it takes seven days to reach.

The Most Remote Area

Hottest Area:
The Dalol area of Ethiopia has become a haunted city today. The reason for this is the hot temperature here. There is always 34 degrees temperature here. And it is considered the hottest place on earth.

Hottest Area

Island of Dall:
The island of Mexico is considered to be the world’s most scary place. There is a big forest here and every doll is packed with a doll. Here is the Maya trap of black magic.

Island of Dall

Nearest Area to Space:
The top place on Earth will be the matter, then the first thing that comes to mind in our mind is Mount Everest. Of course the Everest is 8,848 meters high but there is one place on earth from which the space is closest. That is Mount Chimboraja. It is the nearest distance from the center of the Earth and the closest to the space.

Nearest Area to Space

Largest Waterfall:
Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls is the world’s largest waterfall. This rain falls in rainy season about 625 million liters of water per minute. Due to the falling water from the waterfalls, the surrounding haze gets accumulated and the haze spans around 20 km.

Largest Waterfall

Darkest Terrain:
The smallest day in the Reykjavik Island. The night here is very long. On December 21, the sun remains for only four hours and seven minutes, but the time is dark.

Darkest Terrain

Drought-affected Area:
Chile’s Atacama Desert is the most drought-hit area of the earth. There is no rain for about 15 years here. If NASA believes that the soil here is like the Mars Planet.

Drought-affected Area

Coolest Place:
The most peaceful area in the world is Iceland. Iceland also got Peaceful Nation Award in year 2015.

Coolest Place