In the rainy season, diseases can stay away from this way

rainy season

The monsoon season where there is a lot of problems in the same monsoon that fills the freshness in mind. But you do not need to worry. Today we are telling you how you can save a little bit of cautiously in monsoon from the problems.

Clear water is very important in the month of rain. In the rainy season, sewage often overflows the drains, which makes the water dirty. In such a situation, it is necessary to check your purifiers and filters. So that they do this right. Indeed, in the rainy season the germs are so enlarged that they can easily come into your water.

Signs of pain in monsoon
Some people react differently with the changing season, due to the changing temperature, temperature and humidity of the air. All these changes affect the health of the person and increase the symptoms of the current disease. There is a possibility of chronic diseases in the monsoon, but the possibility of new diseases will also increase. On average, the problem of pain in joints of 70 percent of people increases with changing weather.

Treatment of pain
Avoid the direct air of cooler and ac
Cover the joints with a thick cloth and keep it covered with a thick cloth.
Those who already have knees problem, reduce the use of staircases and do not sit on knees.
Those who have problems with knees and waist should reduce the use of Indian toilets.
Treatment of joint pain, shoulder pain, waist pains, and neck pain.
If there is inflammation with joint pain, then the ice cream is comfortable.
Do not hang legs if you have swollen legs.
Those who work in corporate, who have pain in the waist or neck, keep changing their posture in 30-40 minutes.
It is beneficial to walk in the back pain.
Avoid cold things like yogurt at night.
If the pain is longer, contact your nearest Physiotherapy Center.

How Physiotherapy Works
Physiotherapy is the branch of science, in which patients can be cured without any medication. The special thing is that in this process there is no side effect of the patient. In physiotherapy, exercise and machine treatment are specially prepared according to the patient.

Physiotherapy for everyone
Physiotherapy works well for infants and old age. This treatment is absolutely safe, so it can easily be given to children or older people. Physiotherapy is very beneficial in the pain caused by monsoon in old age.

Which diseases are beneficial in
pain in the neck
Shoulder pain
lumbar puncture
Joint pain
Muscular pain
Heel pain
Stroke, sport injection
Bels Pulsi and Post fracture etc.

Keep these things in mind
Do not drink more cold water
Do not eat ice cream, yogurt, rice, cold drinks, shakes etc at night
Keep an eye on the right pocus
Go to the morning sunlight, so that vitamin D is available in the appropriate amount to the body.
Do not eat out food, especially raw foods
Exercise regularly.