Elari Launched in India, world’s Smallest Mobile Phone

Elari Launched in India, world's Smallest Mobile Phone

The world’s smallest mobile phone has now been launched in India. It is claimed that this is the smallest GSM phone. This feature has been launched on the e-commerce website.

Voice recorder is also provided in the Allry Nano phone C and the recorded tracks will be stored on micro SD card. The company claims that it can be connected to any Android and IOS device with the Bluetooth feature provided in it.

This phone will be available in Gold, Black and Silver color options and it costs Rs 3,940.

It can be called by connecting it to a smartphone. For example, if you have connected it to a smartphone then it will also call and you can talk to it.

Earlier even a company launched such a credit card size phone. It was specially designed to fit behind the iPhone so that it could be used in case of low battery life.

This is a credit card size and it is 1.4 inches wide. It is just 30 grams claim that it is also the world’s smallest mobile phone. It has a silicone keypad with aluminum casing.

This phone with color display also supports micro SD card which can be done up to 32GB. It also has an alarm feature with MP3 player.

1,00 CONTACTS can be saved in this phone. Not only this, you can charge this phone on standby for 4 days. After full charge, you can call for up to four hours.