Good news – gene therapy via skin grafts can treat diabetes

gene therapy via skin grafts can treat diabetes

Between scientists have used skin therapy to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity through gene therapy.

No surrogate treatment of diabetes has been done yet and for years scientists are engaged in the search of diagnostic treatment for diabetes. Meanwhile, scientists have used the skin transplant to treat type 2 diabetes and obesity in genes through gene therapy.

Researchers at the University of Chicago of the U.S. have modeled the skin transplant of mice with rats with existing immune systems.

University professor Shaoyang Wu believes that gene therapy in rats is likely to be safe and stable and they hope that these therapies will also be successful on humans.

Researchers changed the skin stem cells of a rat born from CRISSP (Clustered regular interspaced short palindromic repeats) technology, so that cells could conceal peptides that control blood sugar. Transplanting cells in the rat shows insulin secretion and showing increased weight due to high-fat diets and also control the levels of insulin.

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