Blue Whale – it’s a Dangerous Game

Blue Whale Game

Blue Whale i.e. a bloody game. Children playing this game are giving life. There are gives an account of the day that a youngster hopped from the rooftop playing a blue whale diversion. On Monday, Manpreet, 14, of the 9th class, jumped from the 6-story building and died in Mumbai’s Andheri East on Monday. It is being said that Manpreet has jumped only after playing this game. Such questions are that what is the Blue Whale Game and how to save your children?

First of all tell you that you will not find this game at play store or on any site. This is a social media game through which children using Facebook and Instagram are being targeted. According to the report, this game has caused the death of 130 children in Russia so far. This game is to be logged by Facebook or Instagram account, after which the Challenge is given. Let’s say that the creator of this game, Phillip Budeikin has been arrested by the police. Philip told the police that he made this game for those people who do not want to live. Instagram has stopped this game at the same time. #bluewhalechallenge After searching, the message on Instagram is getting that this word is warm. It provokes users to suicide.

Tasks such as rising up to 4 o’clock in the morning and watching horror movies are given. Its challenge is as follows …
Wake up at 4.30 Morning- At 4am in the morning it is said to watch horror movies and send it to the photo curator.
Make a blue whale with a blade on hand- After the photo is taken from the blade, it is asked to send it to the curator.
Cutting the veins – In the game, a challenge is to cut 3 nerves of the hand and send the photo of it.

Jumping from the roof – Curator also tells users to jump from the roof in the morning.
Knife Cut – This game is about to be ready to be a task whale. If there is a failure, many knives on the hand are to be done and if you pass, you have to carry YES with a blade on the leg.

Listening to Music – Curator sends music to users who are motivating to suicide and harm themselves.
The game has to be sued in the 50th and final Tasks. Not doing this, the children are threatened with the details of your whole family and they will kill your whole family. In such a way the game plays a dangerous child.

As soon as you suspect that your child has suddenly started rising in the morning, spending time alone in the house, the phone has kept it for 24 hours, suddenly watching horror films, friends have started living away, scare If you have been living as a child, then you should immediately get a glimpse and keep an eye on him. If possible, remove it from the internet. With these precautions, you can save your children from this bloody game.