What is The Most Viral App – Sarahah

Sarahah App

The Most Viral App- These days on Facebook a new thing is getting viral named Sarahah. You can write your heart at Sarahah and your identity will be hidden in it too.

These days a new thing on Facebook is getting Viral is Sarahah. You can write your heart at Sarahah and your identity will be hidden in it too. Here you can express your love and hatred to anyone. The special thing is that the front is not aware of your identity, in such a way that the fear of your heart will end, which prevents you from talking about the mind.

By the way, you must have seen many links from Sarahah on your Facebook feed. If you have not seen, the message of Sarahah’s message link is coming soon on your Facebook news. For the past two-three days these web platforms have spread like a fire on social media.

How does Sarahah work
To become a user at Sarahah you either have to create an account on its web platform. In addition you can download Sarahah app by visiting Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Its iOS file is 22 MB and Android Size is 12 MB.

Download the app by downloading the app and then post the message link of your account on your Facebook account. After this you will not have to do anything. You will start receiving messages automatically. You will not know the identity of those who send these messages. In this case, the platform becomes even more fun.

When you click on any given message, you will see a message box, where you will have to write later and work on the send button written below.

This app was made by Jen Al-Abeidin Toufique of Saudi Arabia. This app was finally found in July 2017. The social media category is the app.

What is Sarahah’s side-effect?
Sarahah, who is fast becoming viral on Facebook, is spread across the social media’s news feed on the app’s message. The app is spreading so fast that it has changed the color of its Facebook in just two days. Among all these we are telling you what is its side effects. As we have told you, the identity of the sender in this app is hidden, so anyone can message to you in this way. This message can be abusive and obscene. In this way you need to be cautious.

If you get an abusive message then you can complain about it in cyber crime cell.