‘Het Crime’ is growing rapidly in the US, Google’s website reveals

'Het Crime' is growing rapidly in the US, Google's website reveals

In the US last week in Virginia, the white supermassists rally in the shock of all violence, but the reality is that there has been a sharp increase in such crimes in America. This website has been disclosed by Google’s website designed to track hate crime using the Artificial Intelligence.

According to the magazine ‘Fortune’, Google, together with its own website ‘NewsLab’ and Data Visualization Studio ‘Pitch Interactive’, can gather news related to Hate Crime in one place and search them on the basis of title, topic and date. Launching the ‘The Documenting Heat News Index’ to be eligible.

According to ‘Prof. Publica’ nonprofit news website, actually the Hate Crime in America has been a common matter. Prof. Publica says in her report, “This is not just a list, but the news related to hate crimes can be searched in accordance with the date of this site and also shows fluctuation in news related to hate crimes over time. . ‘

The violence in Charlotteville became a headlines in the media, but in May the media kept eyes closed on the violence against Muslims in Portland , in which two people died.

The incident of the murder of a young student by the tearing of a young girl or a white supermassist killed the murder of a young black officer, could not be the center of attraction of the media.

This website based on Artificial Intelligence, understands the contents of any news related to hate crime through machine learning and other micro-information related to that incident’s motivation or sensation.

The funniest thing is that Donald Trump is the most prominent keyword to look for news related to hate crime. According to Prof. Publica, there is no reliable national level database available for hate crimes.