Dodgers baseball boss Andrew Friedman

Dodgers baseball boss Andrew Friedman

Andrew Friedman the Dodgers leader of baseball operations, joined the group at AT&T Stop before Monday’s amusement against the San Francisco Goliaths. The Dodgers had recently lost every one of the seven diversions in a homestand in the midst of a 10-amusement losing streak and a 1-15 extend.

All things being equal, the Dodgers still possess the best record in the majors. The Circumstances talked with Friedman before the amusement about the elements behind the slide, the exhibitions of Yu Darvish and Curtis Granderson, and how the group has been dealt with the most recent couple of weeks.

This is a transcript of the meeting. It has been altered for clearness.

How might you clarify this current slip?

“On the off chance that you disentangle it to the three principle segments of a group, beginning pitching, warm up area and offense, I feel like the majority of the year we’ve had no less than two of those three parts clicking. I have an inclination that in the last couple weeks it’s been a blemished tempest. Where on evenings we’ve hit, we’ve pitched more awful than that. On evenings we’ve pitched well, we’ve hit more awful than that.

“Clearly, there are a considerable measure of truly baffled individuals. However, from a front-office viewpoint, Dave [Roberts], the mentors, all that we’ve discussed is attempting to look forward. What’s more, surveying our folks exclusively, how they’re setting up, their hard working attitude, and doing everything conceivable from a procedure stance, and we will put down our wager on the gathering that we saw more than 130 recreations.

“Furthermore, that point of view conveys our conviction. Instead of concentrating on a small amount of that example, of 15 game.”

How troublesome is it to keep up concentrate on the procedure when the outcomes aren’t there?

“Mentally, I think we as a whole absolutely get it. Inwardly, it’s unfathomably troublesome. It’s clever, being around the group before diversions, everybody feels like that night will be the night. The greatest thing is on the grounds that our folks are such experts, that ensuring that they really keep up some detachment and don’t press excessively is, I think, one of our most critical employments.”

With the way you moved toward late August and early September — resting players, giving Corey Seager two weeks off, and so forth — is there dissatisfaction about how some of those moves exploded backward?

“I don’t think anything that occurred in late August and early September played out any uniquely in contrast to what we would have done in mid-May. … I truly don’t trust that we’ve done anything any other way than how we’ve overseen things in April through August.”

Might it be able to be contended, in the event that it was a five-amusement lead, that Seager would have played through his elbow issue?

“I don’t know. The hazard related with it — possibly we would have, to the impairment to our October group, we may have been in a position where we needed. I don’t know how it would have shaken out.”

How might you evaluate Darvish’s execution?

“Clearly, the main [start] was better than average. The second one was entirely great. And after that he got into some conveyance stuff that took a tad bit to resolve. The most vital thing for me is that the ball out of his hand, the stuff, is great. I felt like an evening or two ago was the first run through in this little extend he pitched path superior to his line.

“It clearly didn’t help us that night. In any case, it gave us certainty as we look forward that he will be a major piece of our accomplishment in the following four to a month and a half.”

Shouldn’t something be said about Granderson?

“Grandy clearly battled before in the year, in April, and right now this extend looks a tad bit that way. The good thing is that he’s the quintessential expert. Also, not just has he experienced this a ton in his profession, he’s experienced it this year, and leave it and burst into flames.”

What are the difficulties when you have skilled players who aren’t performing and you have a constrained reputation with them?

“I figure we do all that we can to become acquainted with our folks, as much as we can. Dave [Roberts] is such a decent relationship fellow. Our mentors have such great associations with our players that clearly somebody who comes over in August, you’re not going to know him and in addition you will know different folks.

“It likewise returns to the particular player. Grandy has come over and recently been an open book. In any case, when you’ve worked with a person all year and you see something, a few changes in his swing that you’ve chipped away at earlier and you have signals about how to get back, perhaps you’re ready to stop it from the beginning a tiny bit sooner.

“From the glass half full point of view, I would battle this is a useful thing as we get down the extend here, and ideally through a long October, of them experiencing this, it’ll be a useful thing to help get them back on track.”

So regardless you’re glass half full?


Have you detected any players drinking beer and eating fried chicken during game?

“Truly. Truth be told, I have. I was trusting you were not going to ask that, but rather, truly, I have.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Friedman was kidding.)

Do you understand why fans have questioned certain parts of the group’s methodology — forceful use of the 10-day impaired rundown, juggling the lineup in light of matchups — goes under examination amid an extend this way?

“I think whenever a group is fighting, accounts are framed. Whatever somebody can endeavor to choose — which I absolutely get. Watching b-ball, I’ll make some account watching something that I believe is absolutely regular. It’s human instinct. Be that as it may, I think the most essential thing is the correspondence with our players, I think Dave [Roberts] and our mentors have a better than average feel for things that are all the more genuine.”

Is there anything you feel the group ought to have done any other way the most recent couple of weeks?

“Win more diversions.”