Cody Davis to avoid hits to knees: asks Terrelle Pryor

Cody Davis to avoid hits to knees: asks Terrelle Pryor

Washington Redskins wide recipient Terrelle Pryor posted a message on Twitter for Los Angeles Rams security Cody Davis Tuesday night: Point higher.

Pryor plainly was troubled by a Davis hit amid Sunday’s 27-20 prevail upon the Rams. With just shy of seven minutes staying in the game, Pryor cut left over the center and got a go from quarterback Kirk Cousins. Davis dashed up from the optional and hit the 6-foot-4 Pryor around his correct knee.

Davis, a fifth-year veteran, presently can’t seem to answer.

Pryor picked up 9 yards on the play, which was invalidated by a holding punishment. After the play, Pryor got up rapidly however did marginally shake his knee.

In two games, Pryor has gotten eight goes for 97 yards and as often as possible runs courses over the center. His worries over hits around the knees – and the long haul damage dangers they posture – is just the same old thing new.

In an Aug. 22 preseason game at Cleveland, New York Giants wide recipient Odell Beckham Jr. was harmed on a low, yet legitimate, hit by Tans cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun. Beckham had jumped to make the catch, and Boddy-Calhoun hit him around the knees as he landed. Beckham wound up with a sprained lower leg and missed the season opener.

Protective backs have since quite a while ago griped how their hit zone has contracted with hits to the head and neck zone now illicit. Those hits prompt punishments, fines and ultimately suspensions.