Due to the US-Mexico border, California did the case on the Trump administration

Due to the US-Mexico border, California did the case on the Trump administration

California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra plans to announce a lawsuit Wednesday in the interest of the state that will challenge President Trump’s proposal to build a divider at the U.S.- Mexico border, a project Becerra has called “medieval.”

Becerra is scheduled to go to Border Field State Park close San Diego to announce plans to sue over construction of border divider projects in San Diego and Supreme counties.

The state’s lawsuit alleges that the Trump administration has failed to follow federal and state natural laws, relied on federal statutes that don’t authorize the proposed projects and violated the U.S. Constitution’s separation-of-powers doctrine.

The lawsuit also says the Department of Homeland Security decided to build the walls without following the Perfect Water Act and the National Natural Approach Act.

As a result, the lawsuit alleges, the federal government lacks legitimate ecological analysis of the effect of 400-foot prototypes of the divider currently planned, as well as the 2,000-mile-long last divider.

The Democratic lawyer general has been disparaging of the divider for a considerable length of time, including in April during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

“I’m still endeavoring to figure out who believes that a medieval situation to settle our broken movement system is the thing that we need,” Becerra said.

He also accused Trump at the season of reneging on his promise to have Mexico pay for the divider.

“I think American taxpayers presumably are especially aligned with Mexico. None of them, regardless of whether it’s Mexico or our taxpayers, wants to pay for a medieval divider,” he said.

This is the latest of more than two dozen lawsuits and legitimate briefs filed against the Trump administration by Becerra, who was appointed lawyer general in January and is running for decision to the post one year from now. He previously sued to challenge Trump’s plans to end a program that protects young immigrants from deportation, forbid movement from some countries and move back ecological laws.

Last week, three advocacy groups sued the federal government to piece construction of a border divider, charging that the Trump administration overstepped its authority by postponing natural reviews and different laws.

The activity by the Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife and Creature Lawful Defense Fund seeks to forestall construction of divider prototypes in San Diego. U.S. Customs and Border Assurance officials said last month that prototypes for a border divider might be completed before the end of October.

Becerra’s lawsuit is the latest endeavor by California Democrats to battle the divider proposal. A bill that would have banned state government contracts for any organization that helps build the divider passed the state Senate, but stalled as of late in an Assembly council.

Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) authored the bill, testifying at a board hearing that “the divider is another endeavor to separate and divide us. It sends a message that we are in an ideal situation in a homogenous society.”

Todd Bloomstine, a lobbyist representing the Southern California Contractors Assn., opposed the bill, asking the board, “What next unpopular project would be [on the] blacklist?”