Air pollution is getting rid of people’s sex life In Delhi

Air pollution is getting rid of people’s sex life In Delhi

Delhi’s poor air is affecting people’s health. Alam is that its effect is also affecting people’s personal life. Let’s learn, how polluting is the people’s sex life wasted.

Due to a 30% reduction in sexual attitudes – according to a research, people’s sex activities are also decreasing due to air pollution. According to Fertility Expert, the effect of air pollution can reduce the sexual attitudes by up to 30%.

Hazardous for bad air quality hormones – Fertility expert in Delhi’s Indira IVF clinic, Sagarika Agrawal said, there are so many elements in the air, which directly affect the body’s hormones. Agarwal said that the particulate matter (PM) is for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. There are lead, cadmium and mercury, which affect the balance of the hormones and are harmful to the sperms.

Mask is the only solution- According to Agarwal, decrease in testosterone or estrogen level can reduce the desire for sex. In this way, it can hinder sexual life. But to avoid this change in fertility, use the mask while going out.

All records that broke out by the polution- experts say that there has been a huge increase in perticulate mater (PM 2.5) in Delhi. It is 30 times better than human hair.

Men’s sperms are also affected- An IVV specialist in the city, Arvind Vaid said that inhalation in polyness increases the amount of free radicals in the blood. It can also reduce the quality of sperm in the male.

Note: These experts are on claim. Newszak does not confirm this. Before you start any suggestion or start treatment, consult your doctor carefully.