Future iPhone X should be bigger. No, smaller!

Future iPhone X should be bigger. No, smaller!

Just because Apple has not announced the iPhone X, this does not mean that the company is leaving Mike, shouting “out of peace” and going to the coffee shop business. Next year will be an iPhone 9 or iPhone XI and maybe more than one

For the past few years Apple has sent the iPhone in two sizes: regular and plus since the iPhone X is a plus size screen in a regular size body, which makes at least two interesting possibilities for next year:

A regular size iPhone screen in the iPhone SE shaped body – let’s say 4.7 shash inches.

An iPhone Plus size body has an even bigger iPhone screen – let’s say 6.5ish inch.

While some people said that they liked the 4-inch screen size on the iPhone SE, most of them actually meant that they liked the small overall size of the device. Fill the front with the iPhone X-style screen and I do not think almost any of them will not mind. I think they will be thrilled. This will definitely be the most hands-on iPhone in years.

6.5 inch iPhone appeals to those who want something close to the primary computing device, but in a big phone, not a small tablet. It will almost certainly continue the chip on iPad mini, but it will actually provide a lot of integration for those who want a mobile to rule them all

When a product is popular as an iPhone, then it is no longer about new regional markets or distribution channels. It is about the expansion of markets by applying adjacent areas of appeal. The size is an easy one for Apple years, depending on the iPhone Plus, it may seem that the option of adding a bigger phone back is a better option. But iPhone SE showed that there was passion in small size, even beyond Apple’s demanding forecast.

Of course, Apple can stick to an iPhone X Sequel size next year or all-in-all can go on-seeing in recent history, however, the possibility of two iPhone sizes can not be discounted.

So, if you had your way – if Johnny Ive asked you whether the next iPhone size should be small or big – what will it be? iPhone Plus X or iPhone SEX?