Roger Federer created new history with becoming number one

Roger Federer created new history with becoming number one
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Great tennis player Roger Federer has once again become the number one player in creating a new history in the tennis world. As soon as Rotoram Open reached the semifinals, he got Rafael Nadal out of number one and took the number one chair.

Swiss player Federer won the quarter-finals of the Netherlands by defeating Tommy Haas 4-6, 6-1, 6-1 in the ATP rankings to number one.

Federer is now 36 years 195 days old, and in this way he is the world’s number one player. He broke the record of Andre Agassi, who became number one in 33 years and 131 days in 2003.

Federer said, “Becoming number one again means a lot to me. This is very special and therefore I am happy. I did not really think that I can return to number one again. This is an important moment of my career. ”

Federer earlier was in charge of number one in 2012 and thus he has reached the top again after five years, 106 days, which is a record. Agassi became number one after 1999, three years and 142 days after 1996, which was the record of the longest gap between number one before that.

Federer, who won his 20th Grand Slam in the Australian Open last month, became the number one for the first time in February 2004, and in this way he made a new record for the longest interval between being one of the first and his achievements of the present. Earlier this record was in the name of Nadal.

Agassi congratulated Federer on becoming the world’s number one player again.

Agasi wrote on his twitter handle, “36 years 195 days” Roger Federer has been increasing the level of our game. Congratulations on another remarkable achievement.