Salman Khan has been arrested, will go to jail

Salman Khan has been arrested, will go to jail
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The talk is 20 years ago. In October 1998 Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Tabu and Sonali Bendre reached Jodhpur to shoot for the film ‘Hum Saath Saath Hai’. During this time there was a scandal. Salman became a hunter to quit acting. They alleged that they hunt two black deer in Bhavad village, Ghosa farmhouse and Kankani village of Kijodhpur. Four cases against Salman were registered. Now the decision of Jodhpur Court has come in the case of black deer killing in one of the Kankani villages. Salman Khan has been convicted. Chief Judicial Magistrate Dev Kumar Khatri has sentenced him to severe punishment. 5 years prison sentence It meant that Salman would have to go to jail. He has been arrested by the court. They are being taken to Central Jail in Jodhpur. However, except Salman, all the accused have been acquitted in the absence of evidence. At the time the decision was made, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam were present in the court.

Before the sentence was pronounced, there was a long crossing on both sides. In which the government lawyer had sought a 6-year sentence for Salman. At the same time, Salman’s lawyers were demanding a minimum punishment. Finally, the sentence was sent for 5 years. Now they have to go to jail. An appeal will be filed in the sessions court for relief. Salman could have escaped from jail for the same reason that he should be punished less than three years. But that did not happen.

What is the black deer hunting case?

On October 1, 1998, Salman was charged with 2 black deer hunting in Kankani. It is said that after listening to the bullet, the villagers reached the spot, who saw Salman escaped from there with Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Neelam and Tabu in his Gypsy. Villagers recovered 2 black deer. In the case, the three actresses, including Saif, have been accused of inciting Salman. Two other accused are Dushyant Singh and Dinesh Singh. Dushyant Singh was alleged with Salman at the time of the deer hunting, while Dinesh Singh is said to be the assistant of Salman Khan. The complaint of the matter was made by the people of Bishnoi society. After this, both the wild department and the police came into action.

Salman jailed

Salman Khan was arrested for the first time in this case on October 12, 1998. Salman was released from Jodhpur jail on October 17 after being in jail for five days.

In the #House Farm House hunting case, Salman had to stay in Central Jail for 6 days from 10th to 15th April 2006.

Salman, who was convicted by the sessions court, had to stay in jail till August 26, 31, 2007.