12 Tips to get the younger look

12 Tips to get the younger look
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New Delhi: Aging is a normal process, which can not be stopped, but using adequate quantity of water and sunscreen when you get out, you can prevent the effect of growing age from appearing on the face and get a youthful look. Today Skin Specialist Chiranjeev Chhabra is explaining how you can find some easy tips by looking at the youth look.


1 – Dehydration is largely responsible for the effect of aging on the face. Drinking water gives moisture to the skin and there is no shrinkage in the face and protects against wrinkles and your skin gets shine too. To maintain healthy skin and body moisture, drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

2 – Causes of stress increase cortisol hormone, causing mental and physical exhaustion. It affects your face with increasing age. Take care to reduce the daily stress, do the pranayama. Massage and aromatherapy. This will make your mind and body energized.

3 – Use a cleaner for the skin. Use things like calendula or cucumber, which provide softness to the face.

4 – Add alcohol-free toner according to skin Toner helps clean the face with softness. It brings tension to the skin in the flutter and prepares the skin for serum and moisturizing.

5 – Put the hydration serum on the face after toner. Use vitamin C, an effective glycerin containing serum, which will soften the skin. It helps to remove fine lines on the skin.

6 – Moisturize the face with Daily face cream. It provides moisture to the skin and keeps it soft, healthy. Use a moisturizing cream with Anti-Aging benefits, which are hyaluronic acid, Jasomanic acid, Copper PCA and Calcium PCA.

7 – Collagen helps to strengthen our skin, hair, and nails. Include more protein-rich foods in this diet for this beneficial protein. This reduces the effect of growing age.

8 – Contribute to the repair and construction of almonds, broccoli, oats, quinoaas walnuts, tofu and soya milk tissues and retain collagen.

9 – Antioxidants like vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene are helpful in reducing the lost nutrients of the body. Green vegetables keep the blood pressure under control.

10 – Lavender, rosehips, geranium, pomegranate and sandalwood oil retains moisture in the skin and shines in it and removes skin wrinkles.

11 – Sunscreen has an important role in skin care, it protects against the effects of harmful rays UV A and UV B. These rays can damage the skin, damage the tissue, and skin can be cancerous. Use the sunscreen of SPF 50

12 – Do not smoke to avoid the effects of aging on the skin.