While making this film death had come to touch Shah Rukh Khan!

While making this film death had come to touch Shah Rukh Khan!
The release of director Rakesh Roshan’s film ‘Koyla’ has completed 21 years Yesterday. It was displayed on April 18, 1997. Shahrukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit did the lead role. During the making, these 16 things are missing out on the film.

# 1: ‘Koyla’ was inspired by Kevin Costner starrer Hollywood movie ‘Revenge’ in 1990. However, Rakesh Roshan never mentioned such inspiration. He had said that after making ‘Karan Arjun’, he did not understand what to make because he did not have any story. He was thinking that for his other film ‘business’ story-setting, he was known for his Khandala. One morning they were walking there to get these ideas. An intense love story between a dumb young man and a village girl. There were coal mines in the background.

# 2: The song of the movie ‘Dekha Tujhe To Ho Gayi Deewani’ was a lot of hits. In many of the film’s composers, Rakesh Roshan used composers primarily to use the motto. The rest of the modern sound was thrown behind the melody.

# 3: Sunny Deol was the first choice of Rakesh Roshan as the hero in this. Since ‘Koyla’ was a big action film and there was no one big action hero with Sunny, ‘Angrakshak’, ‘Jeet’, ‘Ghatak’, along with films like that. But for some reason, they did not make this film.

Koyla Movie Set

# 4: In the scene where Shah Rukh is running forward in the role of Shankar and the helicopter is following him. The helicopter had to come down and get out of Shahrukh very close to him and he was about to make an acrobatics. It was then that the pilot brought the helicopter very close to his head with negligence. Shah Rukh got some feeling behind his head, he fell down on the ground and fell to the ground. The whole crew thought that the helicopter had hit him. Everyone’s senses became shorter. Come running But Shahrukh escaped hair and hair.

# 5: In a dance step of a song ‘Hosh Naa Kho De Kahi…’, Shahrukh got up and fell to the ground on knees. In doing so, he suffered a knee injury. It is so wrong that Shahrukh told Rakesh Roshan, that the scenes should be paused in theaters and then written in big letters – ‘This is the scene where Shahrukh Khan’s knee broke.’ Just like in the film ‘Coolie’, Amitabh Bachchan was shown stopping a deadly injury in the stomach in the scene of the theaters. It is said that Rakesh Roshan rejected his idea. However, there is no truth in this matter. Shahrukh said in a video of the making of the film that my dream is to do a film in which something like that was written. They did not say to show it in cinemas. Shahrukh himself clarified that he had not said anything like this to Rakesh Roshan.

# 6: Hrithik Roshan had assisted his father in ‘Koyla’. He used to do his own little work on the set. The actors used to call for the scenes. Three years later, Hrithik Roshan had become a star. Father Rakesh Roshan launched him from ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai’.

Hrithik Roshan And Rakesh Roshan Koyla Movie Set

Hrithik Roshan And Rakesh Roshan Koyla Movie Set

# 7: Seeing the scenes in the movie, the audience rages where the body of Shahrukh is on fire and they are running. These stunts he himself did. His body was set on fire. Generally, stuntmen face a fire with a mask on the face but they do without the mask. He was wearing fireproof clothes and kept a water gel but he also keeps the person safe for 15 seconds. When Shahrukh gave his last lease to the scene, he could have died due to suffocation. He told:

“When those people set me on fire, the flames surrounded them. And the flames got so thick that they got out of control. I dropped myself on the ground and people surrounded me. Were trying to quench further. Throwing the wet blanket on me but not talking to him too. The flames were increased every time. Then there was a boy who was scared of seeing this and thought that there was a fire on my face too. So he sprayed carbon dioxide on my face. I stopped breathing because the breath was not able to get in. That day was very scary. I had to save my life from death. “

# 8: This film was also shot on the location of the Chinese border just two kilometers away. Rakesh Roshan chose Arunachal Pradesh for waterfalls, forests, mountains and green areas. They went to Guwahati. From there, they were shot to an outpost after about 17 hours of drive from where China’s border was only 2 kilometers away. Apart from this, ‘Koyla’ was also shot in Jaipur, Hyderabad, Ooty and other places.

# 9: Maker’s first choice for heroin was Sonali Bendre.

Sonali Bendre

Sonali Bendre

# 10: ‘Koyla’ songs were written by Indivar. ‘Tanhai Thanhai Thanhai brought both of them’, ‘Dekha Tujhe To Ho Gayi Deewani..’ and ‘Ghunghate Mai Chanda Hai, yet there is spread around’ songs after two decades of a reminder of the film. Give up.

Madhuri in dancing in the song "Taanhai .." Since then, if anyone wants to find this lake then you have to put 'Madhuri Lake' on Google.

Madhuri in dancing in the song “Taanhai ..” Since then, if anyone wants to find this lake then you have to put ‘Madhuri Lake’ on Google.

# 11: A song was shot between Madhuri and Shahrukh on a beautiful lake sometime before Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. Until 1996, this lake was called Sangatsar lake, but after that film shooting that year, it was called ‘Madhuri Lake’. After the shooting of ‘coal’, the movement of tourists increased there. The local Buddhist monk was angry after the name of this lake fell to Madhuri Lake.

# 12: During the making of ‘Koyla’, there was a film in the Ken Film Festival of France, whose name was ‘Kolya.’ Many jokes were made due to the similarities between the names of both. While the Czech Republic’s film ‘Kolya’ was created by the important director of Yan Sweraq. The film also won the Oscars of Best Foreign Film.

Koyla and Kolya poster

Koyla and Kolya poster

# 13: Madhuri did a lot of her hard action sequences in the film. Like in the extreme cold in Arunachal, they did a watering scene. In it, he and Shahrukh had to go drowning in water and there was a falling waterfall. In this scene, they had only the safety of the stunts of wire. There was no rescue from depositing water.

# 14: ‘Koyla’ was the flop in the box office earning case. To date, it is counted among Shahrukh’s biggest flops. Although its songs were the superhit, there were big beautiful places, there were dreaded villains like Amrish Puri and Salim Ghose, there was a perfect couple like Madhuri and Shahrukh, there were tremendous action sequences, a comedy of Johnny Lever and Ashok Sarraf, and the movie was made in harsh conditions. Rakesh Roshan was asked why he still had to say the film:

“I do not know, maybe there was a different kind of mood between the movie’s release time audience. The film does not always be set according to the audience’s mood. I do not know why my film ‘Karan Arjun’ was such a huge hit. I do not know why ‘Kishan Kanhaiya’ and ‘bloody demand’ performed so well. Similarly, I do not know why ‘coal’ did not perform well. Perhaps when it was released, it was the time when the audience was moving away from violent action films and was attracted to romantic films.”

# 15: The film shooting in Tawang was a lot of fun for all the people. Shahrukh said that it was a very difficult movie. There was very much cold. Because of this, the shooting of many days was stalled for several days. People were wounded due to the cold. There is a similar story when a scene was being shot on the mountain. Shahrukh was seen standing on the mountain. Rakesh Roshan went to leave them and while talking about the scene, he stood by hand on the helicopter. His hand was burning cold there.

# 16: Shankar’s throat throws Thakkar King Sahab down from the mountain. After that, he is treated. There is a scene when the timber has been tied to connect Shankar’s foot bone and he runs and runs so fast that the woods break down automatically and it gets cured. The same scene from the same scene three years ago, Tom Hanks starrer was also in the big popular Hollywood film ‘Forrest Gump’ where the little children are bound to the steel brace in the feet of the forest and some older boys call him and his friend tells him – ‘Part Forrest Part’. And he runs so fast that all brace falls openly.

Those scenes of 'Forrest Gump' and 'Koyla'

Those scenes of ‘Forrest Gump’ and ‘Koyla