CSK fan’s passion to team up with the ‘Special Train’ from Pune

CSK fan's passion to team up with the 'Special Train' from Pune

If the question is asked which team there are fans in every field, fans are found in every field. Cheer. Do support. Then everyone will know the answer. One and Only Chennai Superkings. If there is a match in Chennai then it is amazing. The yellow ocean is visible. But during the match on April 10, some people entered the yellow sea. Began to perform. Throw shoe into the ground. After that, it was decided that there will be no IPL matches in Chennai. Chennai’s new home ground has been selected in Pune. But what about those fans who used to attack in Chennai? How will the yellow ocean look in Pune? Then the answer is also Chennai has found.

Even in Pune, the yellow ocean will look. It has been arranged. The team of Chennai Super Kings itself has done itself. And who has done what he does in this Kalyug It will look like this Satya Yuga is going on. That’s what you know. The match has been snatched from Chennai. Then the poor locals became fans up bothered. After two years, the opportunity came. What do we do now? So ask for some help from Sankha Chennai team management. The fan reached the club and said that after having some Manage, two Sir If nothing, then give a discount on the ticket of Pune’s ground. What will be done by Think Management now? Can not think no one The team said that the ticket to come and go, food, local fare, match tickets too and most important things jersey also. What will someone arrange for a wedding which Chennai team has done for their fans?

Train tickets are also not like 100 tickets. Who will come first, find out? The whole train has got a special train book, Chennai Management for its fans. The name is Whisal Podoo Express. Pune has reached Pune by filling this train of 14 coaches. That’s because the match is on 20th April. IPL 17th Match Between Chennai SuperKing and Rajasthan Royals Mane is now sure that the match will be fun. The Yellow Army has reached. Fans have reached the train by filling the train. In Yellow Jersey, There is also a complete arrangement in Pune.

And this is nothing. Chennai team management is not free in this match but is fond of loving on their fans. There will be preparations to make such arrangements in the forthcoming match which will be in Pune. Fans of Manea Chennai will continue to continue.