Mobile Travel Apps for Travel & Tourism Businesses: 5 Must-Have Features

Mobile travel apps are used by peoples to explore their destinations all alone at times at their own discretion. Gone are the days when travelers relied on agents for making travel arrangements. Guidebooks, compasses, maps and other printed material have been replaced by travel apps that come loaded with on-demand functions. It is estimated that about 85% of customers make use of travel apps while planning for a holiday. So if you are in the touring business, it’s high time you should get your app to develop and launch it to stay afloat in the business.

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1. Travel Apps for Planning and Booking

A travel planner app is a personal tool for a user, that’s why a personal account is a must-have. Moreover, you may gather more information about your users during the registration so you could learn more about your target audience. With this type of app, the user can search for destinations and itineraries, set up schedules, and store e-tickets and QR codes.

All the ranking travel apps provide booking services. And it is nice to have an inbuilt hotel and flight booking functionality with a loyalty program in it. Your customers will be able to choose and book flight tickets, and accommodation for a holiday with few taps in your app.

Besides, in a partnership with airline companies and hotels, you may provide some loyalty programs to give special deals or discounts. And to boost your marketing in the early days, you may also give joining bonus and referral bonus to your users. That will certainly encourage people to switch to your app.

Some on-demand features that every travel apps must include:

2. Advanced Search and Filters

Give your users a comfortable search tool so they could easily find all the needed information about sightseeing, city attractions or big events. However, users may get lost in the sea of information if you don’t provide information filters. Don’t forget that smart user experience in your travel apps is the right way to success.

3. Geo-Tracking Services

A vital goal for hitting the gold mine in travel app development comes from the successful integration of GPS-based location services.

After dropping at a certain destination the first thing that a tourist wants to check out is a hotel, cafe or a nearby local attraction. Your travel app should get a GPS lock, track your location and quickly fetch results.

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4. Social Media Integration

Now when it comes to registration part, adding the social media login will not only speed up their registration time, but it will also give you access to their social profiles which can further help to build personalized deals for each customer.

Besides, due to the active social networking today, the majority of travelers share their travel experience via social media Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That means it will also work as a free promotion of your mobile app.

5. Trip Reviews and Ratings

A travel mobile app is a place where most of the people visit to write and read reviews on different places around the world. Such kind of feature can also be integrated into a travel apps, where people can share their experience, which can be read by other travel seekers.

Get Going: Develop Your Custom Travel App Now

For an optimum travel app experience, one must implement these features into the core logic while developing travel apps for the first time. You must also keep in mind the app security. Hire travel app developers from the Mobile App Maker and develop apps that work on iOS, Android and the Web in 6 to 8 weeks.